“It feels like being on a fancy gameshow,
but like, at your favorite bar.”


Smarty Pantz isn’t like other bar trivia you’ve been to. At our quiz nights, you’ll discover a trivia game with better questions, fun categories, creative mini-games between each round, and well… just more fun than you’ve ever had at the bar.



Don't take our word for it...


Just… better.


You work hard. You deserve a night off. You deserve a good time. And that’s why we spend nearly 50 hours on each quiz: crafting new questions, fact-checking every answer, and thinking of fun audio/video segments. Then, after consulting the oracles, reading runes, and working with fortune tellers, our quiz is finally deemed good enough for you to enjoy. Here’s what's in each quiz:


Smarty Pantz Trivia - Question

More Questions

More bang for your buck. We pack 99 questions into every quiz. That’s 99 chances to show your hot date that you’re not just good looking— you’ve got a brain and you’re not afraid to show it.

Smarty Pantz Trivia - Wipeout

More Games

Smarty Pantz weekly bar trivia is like ten games in one. Each quiz brings eight categorized rounds, our special Wipeout round, and a Trivial Teaser riddle that runs throughout the quiz. You’ll love it. 

Smarty Pantz Trivia

More Fun

You know how some quizzes have a “picture round”? Yeah. Well that’s us, every single question. Whether it's an image, a little audio, a video clip, or a combination of all three— our whole quiz is a multimedia frenzy.

Bar Owners: Get two weeks of Smarty Pantz for FREE


Smarty Pantz trivia is one of those things that drives repeat customers through your door— once they’ve had a taste, they’ll be back (and in greater numbers). Get two weeks of trivia in your bar—for free—and see for yourself. The second time you host our quiz, count the familiar faces.