It won’t surprise you to hear that Smarty Pantz’s founder, Kyle Simmons, knows how to have a good time. In 2012, he travelled to New Zealand looking for one of these good times. He stumbled into a bar—well a pub actually, they’re called pubs down there—and couldn’t quite believe what he’d found.

They called it “the pub quiz”. But it was unlike any trivia night he’d ever seen before. Hosted by Believe it or Not, this quiz was… fun. A lot of fun.

Every question was engaging. There were audio clips. Music videos. Fun games between each round. It became quite clear how good trivia could be.

'The Flying Circus' - Auckland's Finest Pub Quiz Team.

The Flying Circus


Hosted in over 250 bars in New Zealand and Australia, Believe It or Not has been filling pubs since 1998. Their goal is to provide the best general knowledge trivia in the world.

Now back stateside, each week Believe It or Not works with Smarty Pantz to put together the week’s American quiz. The New-Zealand-specific questions are removed, the strange spelling is made American, and any references to “those damn Australians” are changed to “those silly Canadians”. Then, we package everything up and start filling bars across our great, kiwi-free nation.

But, despite the new name, new country, and new questions— our singular focus remains. Here, in America, we truly do provide the best general knowledge trivia in the world.