Become “that bar”.


Let’s talk about “that bar”. You know the one. It’s not too loud, yet always packed. It serves great beer, good food, and it’s always a good time. And every now and again, it has events.

Not run-of-the-mill events. Not like the other bars. 

Because everyone knows the only bar running a trivia night worth going to is “that bar”. There, it’s not a cheap marketing trick to get more butts in seats. No, at “that bar” the trivia is different, engaging, and above all— a helluva lot of fun.

Isn’t it time your bar became “that bar”? Isn’t it time you hosted your own standing-room-only trivia nights? Try it for free, and see why Smarty Pantz is so damn good.


So you wanna host trivia?


We get it. You have a bar to run. Every second of your day is precious. That’s why we make Smarty Pantz a no-brainer to host, run, and operate. Here’s how:

Weekly Trivia Kit

Creating run-of-the-mill trivia is easy. But crafting an awesome, talk-of-the town, knock-your-socks off trivia night is hard. The questions need to be general enough that they’re fun, but specific enough to challenge your audience. You need to do your research. You need audio, video, and unique bonus rounds never seen at other ‘standard’ trivia.

And that knock-your-socks-off stuff? That’s our standard.  We supply it all. Every. Single. Week.

Trivia Kit Includes

  • Download link for all questions in PowerPoint format.
  • Scoring spreadsheet that automatically calculates scores and ranks teams.
  • 10 Answer booklets (sent in the mail, no printer needed!)

The Quizmaster

We’re focused on a single goal: providing the world’s best trivia. Our weekly trivia kit is proven to fill bars in small towns as well as big cities. That said, we can't provide Quizmasters all over the country— so that's where you come in. 

It takes a few rounds, but anyone confident with a mic can run a good quiz. We've seen pub owners, bartenders, wait staff, patrons, local radio hosts and college students be successful quizmasters. Once you’ve found your emcee we’ll help train them and make sure they’re ready to put on a good show.


Need Help Finding A Quizmaster? 

Download Our Free Guide Full Of Tips For Finding The Perfect Trivia Host. 



The hardest part of creating a talk-of-the-town trivia night is coming up with the questions week after week. Luckily, we do that for you. All that’s left is getting your trivia area set up. You’ll need:

  • A PC that can run PowerPoint
  • TVs or a Projection Screen with computer hook up
  • Speakers for PowerPoint Audio
  • Microphone for your Quizmaster
  • Computer or Tablet for scoring 

Simple Pricing

It's simple, we provide weekly trivia for $100 per week, per location. That's pretty much it. No contracts. No hoops to jump through. If you need to stop hosting trivia, for whatever reason, give us a call and we'll stop sending your weekly trivia kit. Easy.


Corporate Event?


Smarty Pantz is available for company parties, fundraisers and other private events in the Minneapolis & St Paul area. We provide a Smarty Pantz quizmaster and scorekeeper to ensure your event is a success. Starting at $500, pricing is dependent on the size, location and timing of your event. Contact us and add a little life to the office shindig.




Why should I run a Smarty Pantz trivia night?

It’s ungodly addictive. Once word gets out, you’ll have to start thinking about renovating the place, adding some more seating. All good things.


How do you come up with the questions?

We spend about 50 hours creating each week’s quiz. We aim to have a mix of tricky and easy questions. This makes the game challenging enough to be engaging, but not so hard that anyone feels useless.


How long, start to finish?

Smarty Pantz trivia takes about two hours to run.


I’ve started hosting your quiz, and now there are lines out the door and I’m running out of beer. How can I manage this ridiculous amount of business?

Ok, so we made that one up. But you get the picture.


How does the free trial work?

Basically, you get a Smarty Pantz weekly trivia kit for free and then our team helps you get your events up and running. You test it out, fall in love, and then you never go back to another trivia company ever. Basically. Click here to learn more.