Why should I run a Smarty Pantz trivia night?

It’s ungodly addictive. Once word gets out, you’ll have to start thinking about renovating the place, adding some more seating. All good things.


How do you come up with the questions?

We spend about 50 hours creating each week’s quiz. We aim to have a mix of tricky and easy questions. This makes the game challenging enough to be engaging, but not so hard that anyone feels useless.


How long, start to finish?

Smarty Pantz trivia takes about two hours to run.


I’ve started hosting your quiz, and now there are lines out the door and I’m running out of beer. How can I manage this ridiculous amount of business?

Ok, so we made that one up. But you get the picture.


How does the free trial work?

Basically, you get a Smarty Pantz weekly trivia kit for free and then our team helps you get your events up and running. You test it out, fall in love, and then you never go back to another trivia company ever. Basically. Click here to learn more.