Yeah, we like to have fun. But this isn’t ‘Nam: this is trivia, and there are rules. Here’s what keeps our game running and our teams coming back:

Use Your Brain.png

Brains Only

Yeah, you’ve had a hard week. You need this win. But we're testing brain power, not thumb speed. 'Consulting' with Google is cheating. It’s not worth it and besides, you know you’ll just go home feeling empty inside.

Team Up.png

Team Up!

Teams compete in groups of eight or less. Got more than 8 friends? That’s fine, but at the end of the quiz, to account for your extra brain power, we deduct two points for each member over 8.

Golden Rule.png

Don’t dilly-dally!

The Smarty Pantz Golden Rule: "A good quiz is a fast quiz". Our trivia is a well oiled machine, but with 99 questions, we need to move fast. Think quickly, write quickly, win quickly.