Our condolences.


We get it. You’ve been hurt. In the past, someone burned you. They said, “Hey, let’s go down to [random bar]; they have trivia tonight!”

You hated it.

You could barely hear the host. The questions were either too damn hard or almost condescendingly easy. And 35 questions later, at the end of the quiz, a table across from you—who, you swear, was Googling every question—ended up taking the top spot. Turns out they’re regulars and know the four blogs where the questions come from.

We understand what that’s like.  So let us make it up to you…



Our Promise: Trivia that Doesn’t Suck.


You deserve better. At Smarty Pantz, we pack 99 general knowledge questions into two hours of live bar trivia. Guided by a quizmaster every step of the way, our goal is to be fun and approachable. We know what it’s like when the categories are too specific, the questions to obscure—or simply too hard—and that's no fun. Our events have something for everyone (well, everyone who knows how to have a good time).